By Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Over the weekend, my sister came over, and we did a tiramisu.  I love having a partner around. Well... in case of emergency, like you forgot to add something or needed something to be added quickly, you can always call on the partner for help. I also like that the load is split up, and the partner, usually very nice would also help in washing up :)

The tiramisu was to be brought along to a gathering, but to my horror, there wasn't enough sponge fingers to fill the tray. I have to activate my dear to go to the nearest NTUC to find some for me. But he couldn't get any, and in the end, he chose Marie biscuits.

You'll be amazed with how it tastes... after refrigerating overnight, the flavour kind of blends together. Both types of biscuits have softened and absorbed the coffee-alcohol flavour, and it actually tasted very nice.  This sets me thinking about the different biscuits I can try next time, maybe wafers or digestive? Perhaps it will then depends on the unique type of situation I will meet when doing tiramisu again =P

1st layer (using sponge fingers)

2nd layer (using Marie biscuits)

cocoa powder to top it off

our tiramisu comes in all sizes :)

my sister's finished products

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