Old-Fashioned Cabbage Soup

By Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We were at Soup Spoon for dinner yesterday when my dear asked when would I be cooking some soup for him. He's a person who likes variety in his food i.e. he gets 'sick' of eating the same food for consecutive days. But he exclaimed that if it is a soup dish, he wouldn't mind eating it for 3 days.

Thus, I made this soup today - Old-Fashioned Cabbage Soup. We paired the soup with bread roll, which I heated up before serving. Haha.. doesn't this remind you of Soup Spoon too? 

nice shot by dear (whom is a better photographer than me)
wholesome goodness

soup with lovely bread roll

Here's the recipe: (modified from Eric Teo's Simply Soup)

400g cabbage, rough-cut
1 onion, chopped 
1 pkt of asparagus, broken into smaller pcs

2 litres chicken stock
salt & black pepper (to taste)

100g ham
3 big potatoes, cubed
40g butter
50g sausage, sliced

1) Saute onion with the butter till it becomes translucent. 
2) Add in cabbage, and continue to cook, cover for another 10 mins. The cabbage
    should be wilted.  
3) Pour in the chicken stock, add ham, potatoes to it. Bring it to the boil, let it
    simmer for 15 mins before adding in the asparagus. Continue to let soup
    simmer for another 10 mins to cook the asparagus, or until tender. Season to
4) Before the soup is done, add in the sliced sausages (to heat it up). Serve hot 
    with bread roll.

- I use canned chicken stock (which has salt added). In the end, I didn't add in
  the sausage cos I found the soup salty enough, at the end of the cooking time. 
  I guess the ham also added to the 'tastiness' of the soup. If you would like to 
  have sausage, one suggestion could be to reduce the amt of ham used, For a 
  healthier alternative, you can make your own chicken broth.

- I made the mistake of adding in the asparagus together with the potatoes. By 
  the time soup is ready, it has lost its 'green-ness'. It still tastes good - soft but 
  I suspect I over-cooked it. We don't really need a long time to cook it, therefore
  in the recipe above, I thought it's better we add it in towards end of cooking 

Hope the above tips help :)

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