Choco Butter Cake

By Saturday, August 13, 2011

This is my dream come true, for I was given the opportunity to start a baking group with my centre's youth. I was initially worried and thinking hard what to teach them. In the end, I managed to come u with the topics, through a little survey where they indicate what they would like to learn.

And the top choices turned out to be cheesecake and sponge cake. To my surprise, nobody wanted to learn muffin. Perhaps they find it too unappealing or too common. But I'm fine to go along with what they wanted. The idea is to engage the youths through baking, and have fun together. I'm also hoping to do some processing, and get the youths to reflect upon what they think they did well in. I think we all need to be affirmed, even if the bakes don't turn out well.

And so... I began the 1st session. But to my disappointment, only 1 student turned up. This really reflects the challenges in working with youths.

However, this is not going to get me down, for I'm adopting the 啊Q精神 to believe that more students would turn up for the next session.

On the positive side, the cake turned out well - the texture soft and the marbling effect beautiful. The youth was really happy with the 'look' of the cake, and that's the beauty of marbling -  no one cake is the same :)

When the cake was ready, we happily cut it up to try.

look at the soft crumbs

beautiful, isn't it?

another shot of it

I kind of like the photos here. It's because I've been reading up on photography, and I hope to share more lovely photos of my bakes in future.

Here's the recipe: (taken from Jane Chew)

(A) 125g cake flour
      1 tsp baking powder

(B) 125g butter
      80g caster sugar (would increase the sugar to 100g next time)

      2 eggs, room temp
      2 tbsp milk (i use evaporated milk, but you can use any milk you've at home)
      1 tbsp cocoa powder + 1/4 tsp coffee powder + 3 tbsp of hot water
      1/4 tsp vanilla essence (optional)

To make the butter batter:
1) Sift (A) together, and set aside.
2) Put (B) in a large bowl. Cream the mixture till light and fluffy
3) Add in the eggs, one at a time. Mix well after each addition.
4) Add in (A), over 2 parts. 
5) Add in the milk and vanilla essence.

To make the chocolate batter:
1) Take out 60g of the butter batter (C)
2) Mix the cocoa powder, and coffee powder with 3 tbsp of hot water. Add this to 

Combining both batter:
1) Add the butter batter, followed by the chocolate batter. Top off with butter
2) Use a toothpick/chopstick to swirl around the batter. This will create a marbled
3) Bake the cake at 180 degree celsius, for about 30 mins or till the skewer 
    comes out clean.

- Personally, I'll prefer the cake to be sweeter. Will increase sugar to 100g. But if 
  you don't have a sweet tooth, or baking this for an elderly member, the original 
  sweetness would be just nice.

- I use a square aluminium tin (disposable kind) from NTUC to bake the cake. 
  You may be worried the batter is too little, but give it a shake to ensure the 
  batter coats the base. It will rise up nicely in the oven.

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