Outing to the ArtScience Museum

By Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Over the weekend, I visited the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sand (MBS). I was really excited as we were able to visit one of the exhibits, free of charge, as part of National Day Celebration.

I brought along my Canon Ixus, while my dear used his Olympus PL-2. It's a good opportunity for me to hone up my photography skills, and to have some fun. 

Here's memories of our visit:

angle of MBS from the YOG park

all the iconic landmarks, captured through the photo

another attempt - zooming in on building and the helix bridge

posing with a super gigantic 'branded' shoe

back view of dear

Van Gough and his painting

was wondering very hard how to angle this...

fountain of wealth inside the museum?

artistic shot with Van Gough

dear trying to "sit" on the chair..
reminds me of a fashion shoot - love this pic!
i like this quote
I also learnt some interesting things about Van Gough. Here's 3 interesting facts .

1) He has painted more than 900 paintings over 10 years. However, he only 
    managed to sold one.
2) He has depression. This led him to commit suicide, and he died at the age of 
3) He is very close to his brother, and his brother passed away 6 months after  
    him. His paintings were inherited by the brother's wife, who went on to 
    introduce his paintings to the rest of the world, bringing him to fame.

Reading this post, you would thought that I actually went for the Van Gough exhibition. Haha... no! But they have lots of wall decorations leading to his exhibit. It's definitely an eye-opening experience to visit the ArtScience musuem. Would love to go back there again :)

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