Online Shopping!

By Thursday, August 04, 2011

*woo hoo* My 福袋 from Le Flirtini has arrived!

It's like the 'little brown bag' where you pay a certain amount, but the value of the items exceed what you are paying for.

In all, I paid $25 for $100 worth of apparels. Haha.. it's a steal, and though I can't choose the items, I love all the pieces which arrived.

Here's what I got :)
the packaging

note from Le Flirtini

flowy dress with flower trimmings

red tube dress - my fav amongst the items!

close-up look of the dress

dress with a unique heart-shaped design

There's another knitted white top (which I didn't take photo of) Hee... I'm too lazy to find a coloured background for contrast.

In all, I think it's a great deal... am glad that my buys turned out well too. I'm gonna have fun pairing and matching the clothes  :)

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