Soy Bean Chiffon Cake

By Saturday, November 05, 2011

I've a new member in my home.... and she's so cute I'm always staring at her with fascination. Her name is Sugar, a stray cat that we picked up on the streets.

there she is... taking her nap =)

I didn't think I would ever agree to adopting a cat. I was afraid of the commitment, and the lifestyle changes I have to made (such as closing the windows, regular cleaning of the house)... but that was until we found her. Now that I got to know her, Sugar is really very sweet and gentle. When she plays, she would try to catch your hand and pretend to bite it, but never really exerting any force.

I am so occupied with her, and visits from friends (hosting and cooking) that I was so tired to write.

Still I found time to bake, and to made a chiffon cake. I love chiffon cakes! Though it may appear simple and plain, lots of techniques are involved to make a good chiffon cake. Besides... it's also a healthy and less sinful treat for self :)

I made two - kept one for self, and frosted the other one with azuki beans whipped cream.

As you can see, I always had difficulty icing the cake, especially when whipped cream is used =(

But whipped cream wins thumbs up for flavor, and what the cake lacks in appearance, I hope it can be made up in taste. Yes! It does taste very good! I was licking every bit of my fingers and the spatula =P

Recipe: (from Okashi by Keiko Ishida)

Soy Bean Chiffon
50g cake flour
5 egg yolks
20g brown sugar
60g water
60g canola oil
50g soy bean powder (kinako)

90g caster sugar
10g cornflour
5 egg whites

In a large bowl, combine the egg yolks and brown sugar together. Beat well. Add in water and canola oil, and beat till well combined. Add in flour and soy bean powder and mix till the batter becomes sticky.

Using another bowl, beat the egg whites using a mixer. Add in the sugar and cornflour slowly when the mixture starts to foam. Continue beating till stiff peaks form,

Fold the egg whites into the egg yolks mixture. Pour batter into a 8" chiffon pan, and bake in the oven at 160 degree celsius for 40-50 mins.

Red Bean Cream
200g whipping cream (35% fat)
15g caster sugar
125g red bean paste

Combine ingredients in a clean and dry bowl. Using an electric mixer, whip cream at medium speed until stiff peaks form.

I actually overbeat the whipped cream, and it became butter >_<

Thankfully, it was alright during the second attempt =)

Overall, it tastes good and unique, with a Japanese twist. I like!

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  1. i never heard of this soybean chiffon.Eating chiffon just plain is delicious and i do agree with you sometimes with some frosting, they even taste better! is Sugar really taking a nap or is she pretending to sleep? haha! very cute.

  2. Lena: you're right! i think she's pretending only haha.. but it's really a joy watching her, and having her with us :)

  3. Few months back, we had a sibling of 5 taking turns coming to our door but unfortunately my neighbours are no fan of cats, they removed it before we decide whether to adopt. My daughter was really heart broken.

  4. Edith: oh no! I can imagine ur daughter's sadness. Hope they are re-located to a place with a kind feeder. I also struggle with the idea of adopting a cat, but the adjustment is really not as difficult as I imagine it to be. I'm sure you will find a suitable cat to have in the family!

  5. Hi Lala,
    Thank you for dropping by:)
    I have never bake a single chiffon cake yet,I don't even got that pan ...haiz.But will do it one day ^^

  6. Try stabilizing the whipping cream with gelatin.
    I use whipping cream all the time and it stays put quite well after proper chilling before serving.
    If you want to check out the method, I have it on my blog in a few decorated cake recipes.

  7. YLC: do give it a try! you'll be addicted once u start on it =P

  8. Wendy: wow.. i've never thought of that before. Thanks for the idea. Will give it a try!

  9. Hi,

    Nice blog you have there =].

    I had my fair share of overwhipping cream. Try whipping cream on medium speed until it is mousse-like, then turn to low speed and continue beating, checking the firmness in every few seconds. This way, it reduces the chance of overwhipping a great deal. It always work for me.

  10. Hi Bakertan,

    Thks for dropping by! Been following ur blog for a while, and it's great to see you writing again =) Yup, really cannot 'gan cheong' when it comes to whipping cream

  11. I just tried this last night (I have the recipe book) to make a birthday cake for my mum and LOL! I must say, my cake looked exactly like yours because I too struggled with the icing. The part that I found most difficult was the meringue. I almost died beating up the meringue with a hand whisk because the recipe didn't mention a mixer and I didn't want to risk it. Took A LOT of love to keep going! Hehe! The red bean cream was fantastic! Like you, I was licking my spatula.

    Ishida's recipes are simply heaven sent for my Asian taste buds. Going to try out every single recipe...eventually.

    Cute cat! You've done a good deed! I have a ginger tom from SPCA and he amuses me no end just by being such a typical cat.

  12. Thks for your affirmation that I'm not alone. I felt so "the..." when the cream was badly done =(

    Yes, I love Ishida's recipes too. Believe all the little decorating imperfections are not going to stop us from having fun with cream!