Missing... and Back!

By Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm back! Yes... back to blogging! I finally got myself to sit down and write today.

It's been a hectic month since I started working again. Though it's only a part-time stint... it still drains me of energy. With the remaining time I have after work, it's spent chilling in front of the TV. To be honest, I haven't been baking much. I've also taken up the Wilton cake decorating course... and what little time I have now is spent preparing for my lessons.

My dear actually suffers from "withdrawal syndrome". He told me he misses my cakes. He dislikes my buttercream and fondant, as he doesn't get to eat home-baked cakes anymore.

Nevertheless, it's always been my dream to take my cake decorating one notch up... and it's now coming true! At times, I (secretly) feel like giving up... but as my instructor always put it "Practice makes perfect!" Guess I have to continue being patient, and do more (and more) =P

my favourite - flowers!

practising my shell borders

ta da.. combining some of the techniques I've learnt

cake for final project

As you can see, my skills are very amateur. I will have to persevere on to do more! Anyway, am still exploring if I like buttercream or fondant more.  Will share more of my thoughts after I put together my first fondant cake this Saturday =)

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  1. Hang on in there. Your caking skills will just get better. Give yourself sometime. It will be very rewarding and enjoyable when u see the progress. =]

  2. yeah..missing for a few weeks and at one time, i thought my dashboard couldnt pull out your blog post! haha! Yeah, these decorating and piping needs a lot of practice but from what i see here, you're doing very well!

  3. Bakertan and Lena: thanks for the encouragement! they mean very much to me =) will jiayou jiayou!