Hits and Misses

By Friday, August 19, 2011

The past 2 days have been an emotional roller-coaster ride... Thankfully, the storm has passed and stability has returned to my life. I'm so glad to have baking in my life, for it offers some refuge and peace to my troubled mind.

Yesterday, I conducted my 2nd baking session with the youths. The turn-out was good, with 6 youths attending. However, all things else didn't go well. Of the 3 chiffon cakes we were trying to make, the one (which I demonstrated) was over-baked, while the students had a lot of problems following the steps. Was I being over-ambitious? Yes... I think I did. The chiffon technique is too difficult for them, at this stage. Plus there were group dynamics I had to handle, such as students not paying attention while I was talking, and another girl simply appeared un-interested. 
Nonetheless, there were many learning points I could bring up through the process, and I can only hope to do better for the next session. 

I was also planning to cook dinner for my dear, but that was postponed till today, as I needed time to adjust my mood after the baking session. It was fun to visit my neighbourhood wet-market to get the ingredients. Fortunately, at where I lived, it was cheaper to shop there than from the supermarket. Haha... I'm motivated to go back often, and try to make friends with the stall owners :)

Here's what I cooked, to go with porridge.

I wasn't very satisfied with the sauce for the chicken dish, but my dear said it was nice. Arh.. that was the sweetest word for the day, warming through my heart, and making all the effort I put in worth-it. Shall hold on to this, and have sweet dreams tonight!

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