My Favourite Gadget: Citrus Juicer

By Monday, September 05, 2011

There are some things in the house I can't leave without... and one of it is my Citromatic.

When I was young, whenever there were oranges to be cleared,  my mum would bring out the  glass juicer, and manually squeeze the oranges. It was tiring when she has to make orange juice for all 3 children (cos we would all want some). It's after I receive this gift that I fell in love with making and drinking orange juice.

Here's introducing to you my favourite gadget:
my citrus juicer
making my own orange juice
top view
see how it squeezes the orange dry
It's really handy to have if you want fresh orange juice regularly. This definitely beat store-bought juices, in terms of its taste and nutritional value. Sometimes, I would add in a grapefruit as well.

Its limitation is that it is used for citrus fruits only. However, unlike a fruit extractor, it's easy to wash, and doesn't take up much space. I love my citromatic, and I believe you would too, if given the opportunity to own one.

It's through making juices, and from the fruit seller I learnt about the different types of oranges. The lady was sharing that Valencia oranges, which have a higher liquid content is more suitable for juicing. Navel oranges are more suitable to be consumed directly as fruits.

That's something new for me, and I also found that Valencia are generally sweeter... No more sour orange juice for me, now that I know the type of oranges to choose :)

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