My Birthday Celebration

By Friday, September 16, 2011

September is a month of celebration.. because it's my birthday! This means I'll be getting many many treats from my loved ones...

Knowing I love to go out, my dear planned an outing for me. 

We started the day with dear cooking brunch for me. Scrumptious looking right? Dear called me a hungry monster in the morning, because my appetite is amazingly good, and he finds it shocking for my size. Of course, I could finish everything on the plate *smiles smugly*

After which, we went to get my present... *drum roll please* and it's a..... KitchenAid mixer. It has always been my dream to own one, but it's very expensive, and I couldn't bear to splurge on it. It's my dream come true.. and I was really overjoyed when dear told me he's going to get it for me :)

Whipping up egg whites till stiff peaks will be a breeze now...  and I also won't have to knead by hand a bread dough for 20mins... I'm really so blessed!

We then headed over to Chris's Tea House. The decor of the place reminds me of a scene in the movie - where a Victorian lady in her feathery hat, and lace dress would go to for her afternoon tea... slowly sipping her cup of tea in porcelain.

The place has a quaint and English feel to it, and even on a weekday, it is fully packed at tea time. Reservation is greatly recommended, if you want to be sure of a seat.

The teapots used are very exquisite, and each table is given a different set.

The scone with clotted cream is delicious, but I especially love the 3 berry cake. Each bite offers a burst of real fruit puree, layered with soft sponge and sweet cream. Excellent!

After filling our stomach, we headed over to Lorong Halus wetland. It's a fairly new park, and the eco-system is built in a way to remove sediments, and filter the reservoir water which is located beside it.

We ended our day with dinner at Old School Delights. They sell a mix of Asian and Western food. Price is reasonable, and there's also a game box filled with our childhood games. While waiting, I played a game of rubber 'fighting' with dear.

For my actual day, I spent it baking with the students. Made a cake for self, and shared it with the students. *Woo hoo... using my new mixer*

The students were very sweet and prepared presents for me! My ex-colleagues also gave me a surprise.

I love celebrations - people coming together, sharing of food, maybe some presents too... but mostly, to be able to enjoy the company of my loved ones, and to be re-affirmed of how special I am :)

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