Brunch, Photoshoot and Cakes at Kki

By Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yippie! I went for an outing today. I think I'm a child sometimes... getting so excited over going out. Especially now that I stay home on most days, I look forward to going out. Haha... and my dear knows that!

We arranged to meet Jieling for brunch, and to take photos at the museum. She brought over some plants for us.

Brunch was at Olio Dome, situated at the Singapore Art Musuem. I like the breakfast menu a lot, as I think it's value for money. The quantity was filling - they served 2 slices of multi-grain bread (toasted), had a large piece of roasted tomato, 3 chipolata sausages (can you believe how generous they are?), and the scrambled egg tasted delicious (with a hint of milk/butter, neither too wet nor dry). The best thing was this only costed $8.90

We had wanted to visit the SAM 8Q musuem, but didn't realize the exhibits had ended. In the end, dear suggested going to Portsdown Road for some photo-taking. The place has a lot of colonial-looking bungalows. The people are real rich, and some of them have their own swimming pools. 

We ended our outing by visiting Kki, a cafe located at Ann Siang Hill. It's a cosy little place run by a husband and wife team. I heard that the baker, whom is also the owner self-taught himself to bake.
warm welcome
cake display area
there's a retro store, the little drom room co-sharing the space

Jieling and I had been wanting to try his cakes, but it was closed the last time we visited. We had better luck this time, and this was what we ordered.
champagne mousse with wild strawberry centre

dark chocolate mousse with raspberry centre - yummy!

some hazelnut cake - this has more crunch
I especially like the dark chocolate mousse with raspberry centre. It's not too sweet. The mousse is very light, and the raspberry centre, with a bit of tartness greatly compliments the chocolate. I have a chance to meet the baker too. I was looking at a photo of him on the wall, and suddenly when I turned my eyes into the kitchen, he was there. He's quite friendly, and gave a smile when he saw me!

I enjoyed myself a lot today! The next outing would be my birthday celebration! Counting down now...

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