Carrot Bread

By Sunday, September 25, 2011

I've been thinking about making a carrot bread recently.

I can't quite explain the fascination behind it, but I like the idea it's healthy and natural :)

As I was lazy to bring out my extractor, I got the carrot juice from a fruit juice stall near my home. I didn't use up all the juice, and the remaining juice was shared between myself and my husband. I didn't know carrot juice, without ice, can taste so good!

However, things in the kitchen didn't turn out quite well for me.

I spilled some of the juice onto my shirt, and I can't get the stains off now. My spatula (which I used to scrap down the dough) has also changed from white to yellow. The carrot is such a powerful coloring agent.

I was a bit worried when I notice how sticky the dough is, even after 20 mins of mixing on the machine. Did this happen because I didn't follow the recipe? The recipe called for 100ml water and 50ml of carrot juice, but I changed it to 150ml of carrot juice.

At the end of 30 mins on the machine, it was still very sticky. I decided to stop the machine and let the dough go for its first proof. Deep in my heart, I was hoping the dough would be less sticky after it has doubled it's volume.

My hopes were shattered when I turned the dough out onto the floured table.. Haiz... it's still sticky! I had wanted to make a square loaf, but given it's texture, I changed to using a round tin. Anyway, this is a shape I've never done before for bread... decided to give it a try bah. This is how it looks like.

before it's baked
after it's baked
height of the bread

doesn't it look like a flower?
The color is very pretty right? But taste wise... I find it quite dry.  It lacks softness, compared to the Milk Loaf  I made previously. I won't be putting up the recipe, till I found a way to make it softer.

Nonetheless, I'm still going to submit this for Natural Colour Bakes organized by Hankerie.

I believe there are others who may have similar experience as me. Hope this can encourage all to keep on trying! 讓我們一起加油!

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