Reflection of my Germany Trip

By Friday, June 28, 2013

I just got back from a 2 weeks holiday from Germany. It's full-fledged summer over there, meaning it's as hot as Singapore, except there's no haze. In countries where there's four seasons, I noticed the people are appreciative of sunshine and the warmth it brings - a good reminder for myself not to take clear skies for granted too!

Church Batholomas (Frankfurt)

Most beautiful church I ever saw - Dom Berliner

My fav pic of Berlin Wall - are you able to make sense of the pic?



Love the clouds - really look like those seen in Euporean paintings

Rumour has it - guys who rub her right breast would get good  luck with women!

The famous 'Disney' castle - Neuschwantein

Cute traffic men who wore hat - only found in East Berlin

Found this on the breakfast table -  it made me smile!

Beyond the beautiful sights, the trip really opened up my eyes to how Germans lead their life. I drew inspiration, in the hope of developing some of these values and habits they have. In gist, these are the lessons I've learnt from the trip:

- Be Patient
My husband and I were surprised to find that there's no "door close" buttons in the lift. We were told not to hurry, for the door would automatically close after you press the floor level you wanted to go. It was an uncomfortable feeling. I was tempted to keep pressing the button. But after a while, I kind of like the feeling of not rushing, and just allowing the lift door to close on its own.

- Re-defining how I work
 I've always heard how efficient the Germans are. They would start work early, and are allowed to knock off once the had finished their work. A relative of mine was working in Germany for 6 months, and he was given a warning letter for working overtime. That really says much - spending MORE time at work doesn't mean you are being more productive. I believe the Germans take pride in doing their job, well, but never at the expense of one's health or time with the family. I would love to end work on time, and I'm thinking how I can be more productive at work. 

- Joy of reading
I've noticed how the Germans/ Europeans love to read. Many of them would bring along a book to read while commuting on the train. That's a refreshing change from the sights I see on the MRT with most people either using their Ipad or mobile phones. It got me thinking when was the last time I read a book. does travelling books or fashion magazine count? I would love to pick up my books again, to enrich myself.

- Curiosity about own's heritage
I have learnt much about the rich history behind Berlin and Munich through the guided walks. It left me feeling intrigued and I even went to do my own research about King Ludwig II after visiting his famous castle (Neuschwantein). At the same time, it got me thinking how much do I know about my own country and what it has gone through.

I think it's a good idea to combine all I want to do - to read and learn about the stories of Singapore, and to make meaningful sense for self. That would be my new project!

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