Green Tea Ogura Cake

By Sunday, April 28, 2013

There's been so much raves about the Ogura cake "Xiang Si Dan Gao" that I decided to try it too.

When I told my husband about it, he asked why is it called "Xiang Si", and so I did a little search on how it got its name. Supposedly the texture is so soft and light that you will miss it, and think of wanting to have it again. Sounds like people getting love-sick over.. er hmm a piece of cake.

But I do think it's romantic name, and a great way for couple to profess their love, or that meaning of "I miss you!" to each other.  I did a green tea flavour using the recipe from Min. However, when out from the oven, it tended to sink a bit, and crinkle up. 

See... the height seemed to have sunken. Hmm my egg white was beaten to soft peaks. Could that be the reason why? My baked japanese cheesecake also has this problem too. Can anyone enlighten me what had gone wrong? 

From Min's blog

Part A
Green tea powder (1tbsp mixed with 20ml hot water, set aside to cool before using)
Canola oil - 45g
Milk - 60ml
Salt - 1/4tsp
Egg yolk - 100g
Whole egg - 1
Cake flour - 65g

Part B
Egg white - 200g
Caster sugar - 65g (prefers a sweeter cake, and would increase to 85g)
Cream of tartar - 1/2tsp

For A:
Beat together the egg yolks, whole egg, green tea mixture, oil, milk, and salt till frothy. Add in the cake flour and mix well. Put aside.

For B:
Using an electric beater, beat egg whites till frothy. Add in sugar and cream of tartar. Beat till stiff peaks.

Mix in the beaten egg whites to (A). Pour into a 7 inch square pan, and steam bake in oven at 160C for 60 mins (Peng suggested baking at 180C so that it browns better). Remember to wrap the bottom of the pan with aluminium foil to prevent the water from seeping in.

As I found the cake not sweet enough, I sandwiched it with a layer of sweetened azuki beans.  I recently got a set of bento cutter and decided to play with it too. Voila.. amazing how it helped make the cake so cute. Haha.. this is my way to trick my husband to eat my cake.

Who can resist it now?

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  1. hehe your husband seems so 'child-like' that you have to con him with the animal cut outs ;) but i must admit that the cut-outs make the entire cake look so much cuter and yummier!

  2. hi lala, i've been wanting so much to bake an ogura cake..wanted to make one since months..keep delaying it dun know for what reason! so if love sick by eating this cake will make us feel better or not? haha! about the cheesecake problem, not sure tho..sorry. could be oven temp..