Spinach Bread

By Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm back! Nothing is more soothing to the ears than the sound of my mixer at work.

And this time round, I have a new gadget... *drum roll please"

Here's introducing to you my....

.... Handheld blender!

I've been eye-ing it for the longest time, and my kindest dear actually redeemed this using his credit card points. With this gadget, pureeing food (in small quantity) is a breeze now. Fuss-free and easy to clean, this will motivate me to make more sauce/dip/soup.

The "inside" of the blender

The bread recipe used is my all-time favourite, and I've adapted it into different flavors before. In this recipe, the carrot juice was replaced with spinach juice, which I made by combing 20g of spinach (Western kind) with 40ml of water.

Hmm.. in some ways, this bread reminded me of Popeye who needs to eat Spinach for strength.

To be honest, work has not smooth. Perhaps it's the sign I needed to press on, despite challenges.

I'm a fighter! What does not kill me will only makes me stronger!

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  1. i too wanted to a get a handheld blender but it's not that important on the list..still can wait :D Love the colour of your bread crust and thanks for letting me know that you did the salmon spread and happy that you like it. You keep well at home and at work, ya!

  2. That is one loaf of healthy bread.