Soy Pudding

By Saturday, May 12, 2012

Have you heard? Its name is Lao Ban - a famous beancurd stall in Singapore. This shop sells one of the best, and easily has 6 to 10 person in queue at anytime of the day.

Wonder where its appeal lies?

Its texture - soft and silky, some have even called it the 'creme brulee' of beancurd.  Its taste - somewhat creamier too, than traditional types. I would swear there is a light fragrance, just a slight tinge which reminded me of my very Madagascar vanilla extract.

I guess I would never know the special ingredients. Hey it's a top trade secret! But competitiors have sprung up, and has come up with their views on the best beancurd. Do check it out - well written and adept description!

My version was adapted from Cuisine Paradise.

As we liked it "wobbly", the gelatine used was reduced. Learnt a few things through my experimentation, and I must emphasize how important it is to use good quality soyabean milk. Thus far, my favourite is Sobe Fresh Soya Milk, original. Don't use reduced sugar though. Not sure if it's the effect of the gelatine, but pudding tasted bland.

I stirred my soyabean mixture gently over the stove. Observed that the more strength I used to stir, the more bubbles I have... and I don't want that. If not, I'll have to scoop it out from the container. So the key is to mix gently.

Lastly, to be on the safe side, I always sieve my pudding. This gets rid of problem with undissolved gelatine, and gives me a smooth mixture.

So where does my pudding stand in comparison to those outside? It is definitely no way near. Do not be mistaken though. Mine is still nice, and great for home consumption. But for Lao Ban, there is some secret ingredient I can't identify, which is also their secret for success.

I do love their pudding, and if I happen to be at the stall, and queue is short, I would not hesitate to get my pudding fix.  For now, I'm contented with my version =)

Recipe from Cuisine Paradise
500ml soyabean milk (I used Sobe Fresh Soya Milk, Original)
1.5 tsp gelatine

  • Soak the gelatine in 60g of soyabean milk. Set aside for 15-20 mins, to allow it to bloom.
  • Put the remaining soyabean milk in a pot. Heat over low heat. (Do not let it boil!)
  • Add in gelatine mixture to pot. Stir gently to mix everything togther. (This only took a few mins. Just make sure the gelatine is fully dissolved in the soyabean milk)
  • Off the heat. Let mixture cool slightly before sieving into prepared containers/bowls.

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  1. good morning lala, the name lao ban does ring a bell, probably i've read it from some bloggers. You sounded that their pudding is really special, who knows one day with you own experiment, you can come up with a very close version with theirs or maybe even better! I see your pudding looks great, very smooth!