Tri-color Bread

By Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's bread again.

Am making a conscious effort to blog... and all these made possible with an Ipad and a ultrathin keyboard (that's super duper cool!) Whenever I whip it up, people would go "wow", and I don't have to worry about clumsy fingers trying to tap on the screen. I love it! All thanks to my wonderful dear who gave it to me as a present. *Blessed*

This was meant to be a panda bread. But my skills are rusty now, so I ended up adding too much water to the green tea and chocolate powder. The color ended up in streaks. That's how it became a tri-colored bread.

It's still pretty! And I tried to practice my braiding. Ended up with these:

Will post up the recipe when my panda bear is up =)

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  1. hi lala, how are you? despite no panda eyes, the bread still look very pretty!

  2. Hi Lena, hope you are keeping well too! I've been following blogs though a bit quiet. Am hoping to blog more with my new gadget - an Ipad =)