Cookies For a Special Event!

By Saturday, March 03, 2012

"Busy Busy Busy"- this is a quote by my Box-exercise instructor. He always say "You busy people need a stretch!" And this describes me for the week. For the past one week, I've baked close to 270 cookies - heart shape, star shape, and even a Pooh Bear design.  You must be thinking I'm crazy right? But before you go on to wonder if I've gone mad, I've NOT! It's because I was preparing for an event - Bryan's first month celebration. The cookies are meant as a gift for the guests.

Bryan is my good friend's baby boy, and today we are celebrating him! See how cute he is! Managed to catch him in action, as he gave a little stretch while sleeping =)

This is his handsome side profile! So much hair.. must be the envy of many parents!

And this is the final product - after 2 intensive days of baking.

ready from the oven

tags - designed by sis

box brimming with cookies

When I took up the challenge, I didn't know if I could make it. But within a week, my knowledge about cookies also grew with the amount I've baked. I'm now 'pally pally' with cookie doughs. We are like good friend, and I can tell it's mood (whether too stiff or soft), or how best to roll it to give even thickness.

And I've also grown to appreciate the marvel of the simple dough and its many creations. The dough is actually very simple to make, but the rolling and cutting out of the shape is no joke. I've learnt through the hard ways where you simply add more flour to prevent it from sticking together, but this will yield a tough dough... till I met my master - the Cookie Craft. Couldn't accomplish this feat without it!

Anyway, I'm going to have my well-deserved rest! Posting of the recipe and my other silly attempts will be up in the next post. Here's to a good weekend!

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  1. that would be very challenging for me if i know that i'm making for guests..funny..sometimes it's the mindset...Nice to hear that you managed them so well..and lovely tags too!

    1. thks Lena! at some point i was having cold feet, but told self to think positive! yup it's in the mind haha...