Monsters' Fingers Cookies

By Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm hosting a Halloween Party with friends, and that gave me a good reason to whip up some halloween treats.

I was very pleased when I saw how the cookies looked, after moulding it into the shape I wanted.. haha doesn't this look like witches' fingers - slim and pointy?

But to my horror, it became like this after I baked it.

The size had doubled, and it has become monsters' fingers. Thankfully, it still fitted with the theme. My friends had lots of fun, using it to poke each other, or pretending to dig their nose. I'm truly amazed with the ideas they came up with to 'use' the fingers.

The recipe was taken from here. The video acted as a useful reference on shaping the fingers. Instead of yeast, I substituted it with baking powder... finds it weird to use yeast for cookies =P . Anyway, you can easily google for witches' fingers and find similar recipes online.

Since I wouldn't be posting the recipe,  here's sharing more pictures of the decor I've put up :)

mr skeleton - he's a friendly one :)

Trying to create the halloween look

haha... catch me if you can

bloody fingerprints

it's mine.. don't you dare take it away from me!

Am sharing this on October Event hosted by Hankerie

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  1. This SOOO CREEEEPY!! You nailed it with your Halloween deco and the cookies! BTW, thanks for your following. Appreciate it and look forward to your visits and comments. Happy Halloween!

  2. hey, i also just did some halloween fingers this afternoon, most likely post it up tmrw , i'm sure these cookies taste delicious!